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This Year Has Been a Doozy!

Wrapping up 2012

Thank you to each one of you!  Whether you are in our programs, have expressed interest in what we offer or are hanging out learning more about what we do, You matter to us.  And we wish you a beautiful conclusion to your 2012 and a brilliant beginning to your 2013!

On this end, 2012 has been a doozy!  I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing clients produce eye-opening and life altering results.  These amazing clients have:

  • Dropped weight
  • Shifted their relationship with food and their body after what seemed like a lifetime of resignation,
  • Experienced relief from over 10 years of leg cramps,
  • Began moving their bodies either again or in new ways, and are noticing not only their strength but their confidence increasing.
  • Re-regulated their sleep patterns,
  • Been freed from the constraints of the scale, and
  • Broken free from sugar and alcohol cravings and addictions
On a personal level, I got to do some soul searching in the South Pacific amid aquamarine water and sandy white beaches; fell in LOVE with Sydney, Australia – the people, the food, the water, the kangaroos and more; rented a camper van, then prayed, cried and meditated my way across the South Island of New Zealand; had my 40th birthday – grieving the departure from my 30s…and then celebrating the power of my 40s; and have been immersed in learning, experiencing, and mostly loving <grin> what it looks like to be in an exceptional partnership with Damian.  15 months and counting!
As for BEACON for Balance, I got very clear about the complexity, frustration and resignation that is rampant for people when it comes to being lean, sexy and lit up by their bodies.
  • Inside the above, we have developed fat loss and coaching programs that are eye-opening, jaw dropping, life altering, and will free people from the ‘weight-loss roller coaster’ for a lifetime.
  • Listening to client requests, we have migrated all programs to a format that allows us to serve more clients and clients from anywhere around the world,
  • We have refined our coaching –  creating the Results Health Coaching Method, an approach that engages and empowers clients and skyrockets average results to off-the-charts, and
  • Hired a team of masterful coaches to support the growing demand for our programs and coaching.
2013 is STACKED with some fantastic and exciting programs, tools, and opportunities.   Stay tuned for what’s to come!
With wishes for brilliant and beautiful health in 2013!
Much Love – Annemarie

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