Group Coaching

Group Coaching Experience

Do you find that you’ve struggled with cravings, overeating, and an obsessive relationship with food? Perhaps you are tired of feeling frustrated with your attempts to lose weight? Or maybe you wake up with an achy back, puffy eyes, and a groan as you slowly roll out of bed in the morning?

AND, you know that to shift gears and interrupt the above patterns you need a community of support around you…or you will disappear into the abyss of ‘dieting frustration’ and ‘failed weight loss attempts’.

If this sounds like you, then this is YOUR time!

Unshackle yourself from the cravings, the food and body frustration and guilt, and the aches and pains of aging. Take the first step towards restoring your confidence, increasing your energy, and creating a total body & life transformation with our Group Coaching Experience!

Ultimate Body Transformation Program

Using our signature Results Health Coaching System, experience what it feels like for your body to shift from being a sugar-dependent, fat storing organism that battles hunger, illness/inflammation, depression, and weight gain into a fat burning furnace that burns stored body fat (day and night) as your primary energy source.

Do you want to…

  • Get stronger, leaner, and more fit?
  • Experience naturally high energy levels?
  • Shed excess body fat with ease?
  • Become more in tune with your body and it’s needs?
  • Experience how eating MORE of certain foods will light your metabolic fire?
  • Learn how only 10 minutes every 10 days can reverse aging?
  • Increase your mental clarity and remember things more easily?
  • Finally have a good night sleep?
  • Kick your sugar and caffeine cravings to the curb?

If so, then THIS program was made for you! This 10 week Ultimate Body Transformation Program will do ALL of that and more!

Program includes:

  • Access to a private FaceBook group with facilitation by one of our coaching gurus
  • Online coaching and support in making lasting dietary and lifestyle change
  • Educational handouts and other materials
  • Done for you Weekly Program calendar so you can chart your progress
  • Done for you meal plans with easy, tasty recipes and cooking tips
  • 7 Day Preparation week – to set you up for success
  • Daily email support
  • Lifetime access to monthly e-newsletter

Are you ready to look AND feel FANTASTIC? To determine if this Group Coaching Experience is right for you, contact us today for an initial 15 minute Health Discovery Session. During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle goals and determine if this Experience is a match for you. Discover how easy…and natural it can be to look and feel FANTASTIC! Could one conversation change your life? Contact us today!